​​How Does Your Garden Grow

             36" x 36" 

     Skin Deep Commission

                 51" x 72"


​15" x 15"

Skin Deep III

    36" x 36"

Skin Deep II

   45" X 55"

Skin Deep

​15" x 30"

At What Cost

    22" x 50" 

Garden Sunshine​

       17" x 36"


45" x 50"


17"x 34"

Night Fall

​30" x 30"

Hanging by a Thread

This work has been created to represent our small neighborhoods relating to the larger world around us.  The layers represent the many layers of life and the relationship we all have to each other and the planet. Sometimes we are just "hanging by a thread".

 Custom artwork is available for your home or office in any size, shape or color.

                     All photos and artwork are copyright2015©nancybillings

All images copyright2015©nancybillings