Skin Deep I

​   22" x 50

Into The Wind

42" x 64"

Night Fall

​30" x 30"

Hanging by a Thread

​​How Does Your Garden Grow

             36" x 36" 

     Skin Deep Commission

                 51" x 72"


​15" x 15"

At What Cost

    22" x 50" 


45" x 50"

We have all heard the term "hanging by a thread". Thread, such a delicate object of our life, yet such a critical component of our day to day lives.

My practice explores the complexity of our lives, offering stitched patterns that reflect experiences and memories, some of which are tightly woven and some that are 'hanging by a thread'.

Each piece represents life as a unique pattern, with the colors depicting personality dynamics and relationships that we have with those around us.

This work hangs away from the wall allowing the fluctuation of wind, light and air to shift the movement of the individual squares, just like life's transitions shift (or vary) our plans. The reflective shadows represent our lives which always have a secondary impact on others around us

Skin Deep III

    45" x 55"

Skin Deep II

   35" x 45"

Garden Sunshine​

       17" x 36"


17"x 34"